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about us

Qafilat Al Tawhid International Group

A Saudi commercial group with all the necessary licenses and permits for professional and organized dealing with Hajj and Umrah and regulating tourism trips by organizing accommodation, transport services, car rental, catering, medical insurance services, tour guiding services, and entertainment services.

Licenses and permits

Has the license of Hajj and Umrah Ministry no. (1250) that regulates coming and services offered to Mu`tamirs (Umrah performers) and external visitors

Has the license of  Tourism Ministry no. (73103187) for regulating tourism trips

has a register of hotel operation and management.

“We own the Biakotel brand, and within the group, we have extensive expertise and skilled teams based on our track record in the field of serving the guests of the Most Merciful, in accordance with the principles we uphold in our mission.”

Our goal

To distinctively and creatively implement our plans to reach Allah’s satisfaction and yours as well.

Our Mission

Earn the great honor by doing our best in serving the guests of Allah, the Most Merciful.

Our Vision

Huge entity reaching all over the world and to be the best way to reach the Two Holly Mosques.

Our Achievements

The group (due to the blessings of Allah) has helped and guided a great number of Mu’tamirs and visitors and made a large base of governmental, charitable, and educational agencies beside individuals inside and outside the country. The group has expanded to have dealings with Mu’tamirs, Umrah agencies, organizers, and Mutawwifs (the ones who guide pilgrims in Mecca) by arranging the accommodation, tour guiding, catering, and transportation through contracting a group of prime hotels in Mecca and Al-Medina Al-Munawara, Due to blessing of Allah we earned the trust of a large number of Umrah agencies and external agencies through having the necessary credibility and flexibility and offering extra services, we have also a great number of new arrival busses and the soon the number will be increased.

Through our years of experience, we have dealt with clients from All the Arab countries, most of the Islamic countries, and Islamic communities in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. We have also dealt with the most important agencies through the season of Umrah and Hajj, we still continue our mission feeling the importance of helping the Guests of Allah and the honor of serving them according to law, systems, and our true religion by keeping contracting with the biggest agencies nationally and internationally, design and market new projects and to target all the categories of clients. The group has earned the trust of a large number of companies, agencies, and clients through having the necessary clarity, accuracy, and honest.

Asking Allah to grant all of us success to achieve our vision….

Your Brother

Hussien M. Al Qahtani

General Manage