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Destination : AlUla

Number of Tours : 2 Tours


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Discover Saudi Arabia’s heritage and ancient culture, stunning outdoor activities and visit its cities on a seven-day trip…


First day

  • Arriving at Diriyah, the capital of the first Saudi state, and visiting Al-Bujairi overlook and the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood.
  • Visit the Kingdom Tower Suspension Bridge.

Second day

  • Visit the historic Masmak Palace.
  • Visit Al Murabba Palace and the National Museum.

Third day

  • Riyadh City Boulevard


Fourth day

  • Old town
  • Mirrors
  • Daimumah

Fifth day

  • Hegra tour
  • AlUla Oasis
  • Elephant Mountain


Sixth day

  • A tour in Al-balad , one of the UNESCO sites
  • Visit the House of Islamic Arts Museum

 Seventh day

  • In the morning, sail to Bayada Island and relax
  • Waterfront tour
Riyadh, AlUla, Jeddah
7 Dayes
10200 SAR

AlUla is considered one of the important cultural destinations in the Kingdom, as it contains important historical monuments dating back several centuries. The archaeological site of Al-Ula bears witness to the region’s richness in history and civilization, with monuments such as the ancient city of Dedan and the Al-Latimat Temple. Al-Ula is distinguished by its charming natural terrain, where visitors can explore the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Mount Ikma is a prominent natural site that is considered an attractive height for nature and adventure lovers.


First day:

  • Arrival to AlUla Airport and transfer to the hotel for business and rest.
  • Visit the site of Mada’in Saleh (City of Stone), which is considered an archaeological site included in the World Heritage List.
  • Enjoy dinner at one of the local restaurants.


The second day:

  • Visit the old town.
  • Enjoy a hike at Elephant Mountain and enjoy the stunning scenery.
  • A tour of AlUla Oasis and learn about traditional agriculture and the culture of the region.
  • Enjoy dinner at one of the luxurious restaurants in the area *with advance reservation*.


The third day:

  • Explore the old village of AlUla, ancient buildings and traditional markets.
  • Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant serving traditional Arabic cuisine. *By advance reservation*.

Farewell at the airport…


**The price shown is the trip price for a group of 1-3 people

3 Dayes
6000 SAR