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Destination : Riyadh

Number of Tours : 2 Tours


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Discover Saudi Arabia’s heritage and ancient culture, stunning outdoor activities and visit its cities on a seven-day trip…


First day

  • Arriving at Diriyah, the capital of the first Saudi state, and visiting Al-Bujairi overlook and the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood.
  • Visit the Kingdom Tower Suspension Bridge.

Second day

  • Visit the historic Masmak Palace.
  • Visit Al Murabba Palace and the National Museum.

Third day

  • Riyadh City Boulevard


Fourth day

  • Old town
  • Mirrors
  • Daimumah

Fifth day

  • Hegra tour
  • AlUla Oasis
  • Elephant Mountain


Sixth day

  • A tour in Al-balad , one of the UNESCO sites
  • Visit the House of Islamic Arts Museum

 Seventh day

  • In the morning, sail to Bayada Island and relax
  • Waterfront tour
Riyadh, AlUla, Jeddah
7 Dayes
10200 SAR

Riyadh is a unique blend of culture, history and modernity, where visitors can explore many modern and heritage attractions at the same time. It is distinguished by its modern towers and huge commercial complexes that reflect the modern city lifestyle.

First day:

Reception from the airport…

  • Arrival at King Khalid International Airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • Enjoy lunch at a traditional restaurant, where it is recommended to try traditional Saudi food.
  • Arrival to Diriyah, the capital of the first Saudi state. Visit Al-Bujairi overlook and the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood.


The second day:

  • A tour of the historic Deira district and enjoy seeing the historical landmarks.
  • A journey into history and civilization: a visit to the King Abdulaziz Museum, Al Murabba Palace, the National Museum.
  • Visit Boulevard City and have dinner at one of the restaurants *with prior reservation*


The third day:


  • Visit Saqr Al-Jazeera Aviation Museum.
  • A tour to visit Al Faisaliah Tower and the Kingdom Tower Shopping Mall
  • Farewell at the airport
3 Dayes
6200 SAR