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The most beautiful tourist attractions in Abha

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Abha

The magnificent city of Abha, the Bride of the Mountain and the Lady of the Mist, are all names given to one of the most important tourist areas in Saudi Arabia, or more specifically in the southwest of it.

The city belongs to the Asir Governorate, but it is its capital and most important city. It is distinguished by its resort and beach tourism thanks to its mountainous coastal nature, its pure, moderate air, and its pristine nature, which made it one of the most ideal Saudi spots for family outings.

The best tourist places in Abha

Abu Khayal Park
It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Abha for families during the weekends, where they can relax and unwind amidst dense and vast areas of greenery, trees and various plants for adults, while children are attracted to the diverse and miniature wild animal park with the recreational games corner, so that both are attracted at the end of the day to a delicious meal in the luxurious garden restaurant. .

Asir National Park
It is one of the tourist places in Abha for families, preferred by adults and children, especially children, as it has a billion acres of greenery, lakes, mountains shrouded in fog, and dense rainforests alike, through which hundreds of diverse species of birds, wild animals, and aquatic creatures roam in complete freedom as if they were in their open natural environment. .

Perhaps one of the most famous distinctive creatures of Asir National Park is the usa monkeys or baboons by other names.

In addition to the fun atmosphere created by wild creatures, the park provides excellent trails for walking, hiking, and climbing.

Andalusia Park
It is a family residential tourist resort located on the shores of the Abha Dam Lake and provides its guests with opportunities to enjoy a number of picturesque natural scenery amid a pleasant, moderate climate and a safe atmosphere with a high degree of privacy.

Nozha Resort
It is one of the ideal, charming places in Abha for family outings looking for an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation and psychological peace amidst the wide green spaces that blend in harmony with the clouds and fog that cover the park’s sky.

Abha cable car
One of the most preferred activities for adults and children during tourism in Abha is riding the cable car to climb the foggy heights and enjoy a complete view of the city from its highest points, which makes it an excellent means of transportation that many resort to to reach some of the city’s tourist attractions while entertaining themselves and experiencing an unforgettable adventure.

Among the most important tourist areas in Abha, through which the cable car passes, are Mount Al-Souda, which is one of the highest peaks in Saudi Arabia with a height exceeding 3,000 kilometers, the terraced Green Mountain, which is distinguished by plants and green night lighting units, the hanging village of Al-Habla, and other landmarks.

Al-Habla village
One of the best tourist places in Abha for families looking for a cultural tour filled with an atmosphere of excitement and fun, is visiting the Hanging Village, which witnessed the Qahtan clan’s maneuvers with the Turks between mountain ranges and slopes for centuries.

The village is characterized by its steep turns that can only be climbed via cable car, paragliders, or mountain climbing for those with high physical fitness.

Dahna Falls
It is one of the most touristic places in Abha for families, ideal for spending a quiet family vacation on the weekend, where you can enjoy watching and photographing the waterfall area with its majestic mountainous nature, formed by smooth granite rocks with juniper and acacia plants, while relaxing and spending an enjoyable time on the shore of the clear lake.

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